How to Choose a New Hampshire Listing Agent

Selling your real estate in 2016 in many ways is no different than in years past and still the most important aspect of selling your property is having the right REALTOR on your side. Here are some tips you will need to consider as you move forward looking for the "right" New Hampshire real estate agent to sell your property.

1. Is your real estate agent a REALTOR and a member in good standing with the local Board of Realtors and your state's Real Estate Commission.  Let's face it, the property you are looking to sell is one of, if not, your largest investment and you need to make sure that you are represented by a true professional. 
2: Make sure that your agent is a good negotiator. In todays market there are too many properties for sale and the supply exceeds the demand. You need an agent that will be working for you to negotiate the best price and terms possible for the sale of your property. 
3: Has your agent presented you with a market analysis sharing their opinion of value for your property in today's market?  The last thing you need is an agent that asks you what "you want" to put you property on the market for, only to simply agree. Your agent is the professional and you should rely on that agent to receive the best results. In today's market where values are continuing to drop you do not want to be the one who is "chasing" the market looking for the right value to complete a sale. 
4: Finally, make sure the agent you choose is heavily invested in the internet. As it has been for many years and continues to be, the internet is where 84% of new buyers start and continue to search for real estate to purchase. You want your agent to express to you that they have a strong company website to attract buyers coming into your area. Your agent should have their own site that they manage and use as a marketing tool. Your agent wants to explain to you the benefits of REALTOR.COM with "enhanced" listing presentations. Your agent should be aware of any local and national sites that your property will be marketed through showing you the features and benefits of this marketing. Sellers, the days of marketing your property in print venues are gone. You need to have a strong internet presence to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. 
The keys to selling your property are the right agent, the right positioning/price placed on your New Hampshire property and finally your willingness to negotiate. There will be more property sold in 2016 than in 2015 so position your property right and you will be a part of this exciting year in real estate.